Typical THRIFT Activities

  • Recognize and award individuals whose efforts have greatly helped THRIFT.
  • Tackled the timber theft problem, and raised legislators’ awareness resulting in stiffer penalties and better enforcement.
  • Raised funds for scholarship and other educational activities.
  • Provided book scholarships to students entering college with a natural resources focus.
  • Learned how to identify and enjoy many wild edibles.
  • Helped disabled member with woodland maintenance projects.
  • Learned how to start tree growth measurement plot in our woodlots.
  • Co-sponsored events with other resource-related groups.
  • Learned about green energy.
  • Toured facilities and nature areas of interest to members.
  • Setup educational exhibits at fairs and field days.
  • Enjoyed social gatherings sharing experiences and ideas.
  • Co-sponsored events with other resource-related groups.
  • Alerted members about invasive species of plants and insects that may have a detrimental effect on property.
  • Presented occasional programs on oral history of Tug Hill and its people.
  • Provided a forum for discussion of local controversial issues.
  • Held canoe trips, woods walks, etc.