Be Green and Save

Fellow lovers of mother earth how is the battle towards protecting the environment going?  I know that recycling and taking environmental measures to things is a great way to save the earth one step at a time. The same can be said for your money as well.  Speaking of money, I know that like me, you guys don’t make the millions of dollars like big oil corporations seem to make. In fact some of us don’t even make anything close to that. Well I am happy to announce that I have asked David to suggest you a few things to remedy that problem.

[box type=”info”]The statements below are written by a fellow environmentalist and single father of three, David McMoyer. I’ve been avid reader of David’s work for years on a few of his other blogs.  As a hobby, he writes about topics such as how to find an online fansedge promo code and tracking down and find a asos discount code. I asked he write about something that I think my viewers would be interested in, saving money! Please be award that the post below is David’s views and doesn’t necessarily reflect that of the owners of this blog.[/box]

Instead of you giving up your favorite foods or cutting back you should really try using coupons. I remember earlier this month I found a few over-stock promo codes and an ntb oil change coupon here and it saved me a good number of dollars. Along with that I was even able to save up on my car by using my ntb oil change coupon.

I never thought that I would be using coupons so much but I use every dime I have. I already save enough on gas by riding my bike everywhere I go (not to mention, saving this planet as well).  Coupons and promo codes have been great addition! I have been saving up for a while now and I have to say that I love the results. I think at this rate I may be able to upgrade my bike to a 2012 Gravity if I try hard enough. I know it can be difficult for us “go green” type of people to save up on things but it is possible and with coupons you don’t have to give up very much.

Heck I even used awesome hostgator coupon for my website’s hosting and my Patagonia promo code at to get a nice sweater and a few things at a pretty decent price. With my use of coupons I am sure that I will be able to show my groomed up horse without sacrificing my other expenses to do so. If you really want to save money for going out winning a prize for your horse or doing something else, during the off season of course, then I highly suggest that you get into this coupon thing. With every code and promo that you use you are that much closer to getting what you want.