As a member of THRIFT you will:

  • receive THRIFT’s informative newsletter Hilltalk, be invited to to each THRIFT meeting;
  • get first-hand information on new land management techniques, from logging to log markets, tax tips and timber theft protection;
  • learn more about the many resources of Tug Hill and how to benefit from them without destroying them;
  • gain an opportunity to impact the legislative process by interacting with your representatives and helping educate them on landowner issues;
  • enjoy the beauties of nature and the sharing of questions and ideas with other THRIFT members;
  • become involved in the leadership opportunities THRIFT offers;
  • discover ways to use your own unique talents and skills to improve your woodlands and wildlife habitats;
  • increase your vision of possibilities for your land and its resources;
  • have the satisfaction of belonging to a citizen group working for a healthy future;
  • receive the quality full color magazine, Northern Woodlands, published four times a year by the Center for Woodlands Education;

THRIFT works closely with landowners, citizens, local government, and forestry organizations to share good ideas, and to make others aware of the uniqueness of Tug Hill and its land resources. Join today and get involved.
THRIFT can be your link to the people and organizations involved in the future of Tug Hill lands.