Inversion Craze At Tughill

It seems that new trends are the ‘in-thing’ nowadays at in Tughill. Just a few months back it was lawnmowers that took the entire town hostage with almost every household investing in a new and better than their neighbor model. Now, it appears Tughill is crazy for inversion tables and anything to do with Inversion in general.

For those of you unaware of what Inversion tables are, it is a table, quite like a masseurs table except that its set on a bi-pod like wide feet with a free flowing joint at the center that allows the table to complete a 180 degree inversion. All you have to do is strap your boots in, elevate your arms and watch as the entire world around you goes upside down! We suggest that you read some inversion table reviews to learn more.

Why in the world would someone want to invert? Yup, that was my astonished question when my neighbor showed me the new contorted device sitting in his garage. Because it helps free up persistent back pain and even reduces sciatica related pain. Now that’s a winning answer for me and I jumped at the chance of trying out his inversion table. At first, I’ll admit it felt horrible, as if my guts were about to spill out but after a couple of minutes, I could feel my back extending, my muscles relaxing and the blood rushing to the head gave me a kind of a high.

The very next day, my friend from the other side of the town called in to say that he got a brand new equipment that is just awesome and it turned out to be yet another inversion table. My god, for a second I though Tughill is going crazy and it might as well be because the next person to get an inversion table was going to be me. I got online that very night and started researching far and wide. I found a few websites talking about the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 as if they were the Ferrari of Inversion tables. But they were expensive and I wanted something a little more affordable as I wasn’t yet convinced about these new fitness equipment. I found the Body Champ IT8070 to be the most affordable and yet well received by reviewers online and so  I ordered myself one with express shipping.

By the time I had mastered my inversion table, my entire neighborhood had somehow managed to get a table for their own homes. It’s as if the neighborhood is connected and all decisions are taken simultaneously or something. Before it was lawn mowers, now its inversion tables I wonder what’s next!