Our Favorite Wet and Dry Vacuums

Most conventional vacuum cleaners offer only cleaning the dry surface and without noticing there are some part of the house where most prone to wet such as the kitchen, doors and even outside flooring. Finally, some vacuum manufacturers was able to come up with wet and dry vacuum cleaners where can do wonders on both wet and dry surfaces. Below are guides in choosing which suitable for your own home.

Hoover F5914-900

Not just like the conventional vacuum cleaners, Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner came up with something that can both work on dry and wet surfaces. This vacuum comes with two water tanks that separate clean water from dirty or used water. It has five spinning brush and a brush rotation indicator that tells you if brush is working properly or not. It has 8 foot hose that is stretchable giving you the liberty to move from one space to another without the hassle of lifting the vacuum itself. It has one year warranty, not bad at all. Currently amazon.com is out of stock, but you can view a list of similar vacuums here.

Bissell 1867-7

Thus far, the Bissell Steam Mop vacuum cleaner is one of the only few cleaners that has a mop feature as a part of its design to maintain quality and high performance over time. This vacuum emits steam which is good for the rugs and carpets as it has the potential to kill all sorts of germs and bacteria including e.coli and salmonella. The heat or steam it produces is already enough to kill the disease causing germs and bacteria making your kids safe and protected all the time.

Unlike any other vacuum cleaners, this one is so quiet during operation. It has a 360 degree swivel mop that penetrates the hard to reach area of your home thereby reducing time in moving the mop head from one surface to another. This is also very economical and budget friendly as you can only get for less than $70 in several markets. So for the moms with small kids, this is highly recommended as this won’t disturb the sleeping pattern of your small ones and saves you more time when cleaning your own home.

Evolution Robotics 4200

The name speaks for itself already, The Evolution Robotic Mint Automatic vacuum cleaner is something that younger generation will love. From the term automatic, the vacuum has an automatic shut off features whenever the work is done. This alone saves the time of the owner by monitoring if the vacuum is already turned off after use. We suggest you view a huge line of different types of vacuum cleaners at this website.

It is also compact and small which can go underneath the hard to reach surfaces of the sofas, bed and other furniture. Since it is more modern, the price comes a little bit pricey but it’s worth it. It is also very convenient. Plus, it can perfectly fit in both wet and dry rugs. For those younger generations that are fascinated with robot-like appliances, this is highly recommended.