THRIFT exists to promote the sustainable use of Tug Hill’s many resources, to provide a forum for the people of the Tug Hill region to share their experiences and to discuss issues that concern them, and to present educational and recreational programs for members and the public. THRIFT offers scholarships for college textbooks (THRIFT sponsors a modest scholarship each year to help a small number of graduating high school seniors defray the cost of college textbooks. Scholarship application guidelines are available from area high school teachers and guidance counselors, or will be found reading the information below…


Scholarships for College Textbooks

THRIFT sponsors a modest scholarship each year to help a small number of graduating seniors defray the cost of college textbooks. We welcome letters of application from any senior who has been accepted at a college to pursue a course of study in any natural resource-related field.

Application deadline is April 30. Application letters should contain the following information:

1. Student’s name, address, telephone number, and name of high school.
2. Names of student’s parents or guardians.
3. Name and location of college(s) at which student has been accepted, and particular field/career of study chosen. (Examples : horticulture, animal husbandry, alternate energy development, forestry, wildlife conservation, environmental research, landscape architecture, etc.).
4. Student’s work history if any.
5. Student’s extra-curricular activities, interests, and/or hobbies.
6. Student’s community involvement. (Examples : volunteer roadside cleanup, 4-H or Scouts activity, church or other religious activity, THRIFT or other environment-related activity, etc.
7. Please tell us a little bit about yourself—your thoughts on current issues affecting this country or the world, your vision for what you’d like to see happen in your lifetime, what you’d like to do for a living when you finish college, why you chose this particular field, or anything else you’d like to share.

8. Letters may be typed (computer or typewriter) or neatly handwritten.

Entrants may have excerpts from their letters printed in THRIFT’S bimonthly newsletter, HILLTALK. All entrants will receive information about student membership in THRIFT. (Membership is not necessary to win a book scholarship.) Winners will receive a check to help with purchase of textbooks.