Working Out At Home = What It’s Cracked Up To Be

I was never short of excuses when it came to going for regular workouts to keep my bulging tummy in check. One of my most frequent excuses was the lack of spare time I had because of my busy schedule, which made it difficult for me to go for workouts. However, my wife managed to hit all of my excuses out of the park by gifting me a home treadmill on my last birthday. I was quite skeptical in the beginning regarding the extent to which that piece of fitness contraption was going to help me in regaining my shape. However, my wife made me promise that I would give it a chance for her sake. Thus, I was honor bound to try that machine out before I could get rid of it. Thankfully, she did her research and read up on a few treadmill reviews before buying one. Thus, began my struggle with the treadmill of mine that slowly but surely won me over with its great features.

The best advantage that I discovered about the home treadmill was the convenience it provides to me. Since it has become a part of my household, I could no longer give the excuse about lack of time to go for a workout. Here was the thing that was exclusively mine for use and I could use it whenever I had time for it. My working hours made it rather impossible for me to go to a gym and the home treadmill was the perfect solution to that problem. I could use it at any time of the day and slowly I found the motivation I needed to workout daily for a fitter me. I even encouraged my wife to join me and become by training partner because it provided me with greater motivation. I competed with my wife to burn more calories which in turn lead to both of us losing weight and becoming trimmer.

The treadmill that my wife bought for me has a digital display, which shows the heart rate and various other details about the users. Thus, I can constantly monitor the heart rate during my exercise period to keep a check on my health. It also allows changing of the incline of the track according to the expertise and fitness level of the users. I started with zero incline, and then increased it slowly as I became more confident of my fitness to give me the best treadmill workout. The treadmill has useful features, which helped me to set targets and achieve goals. It displays the total distance covered, at the speed, and the approximate calorie burned. I began by setting modest target regarding distance covered and calories burned, and then increased it as I became more confident of my fitness and endurance level. Thus, I have simply come to adore my home treadmill because it has changed my life and given a new leash of life.